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There are a myriad of reasons why students require additional storage whilst studying. One of the most central reasons students require the use of self storage though is that usually universities rent out accommodations under the agreement that even if a student is returning to halls or the same room for another academic year, their belongings cannot remain in that room over summer. 

Then, self storage can prove the most cost effective and logistically sensible means of storing things between academic years of study or over the summer period. 

Understanding this, here at The Storage Works we’ve teamed up with Bellvue Students, who offer student accommodation in Preston, to offer a number of top tips to students who need to pack their lives into boxes each summer.

Choosing a Storage Company

When deciding on a storage company to entrust with the handling and storing of your belongings and valuables, it is always sensible to think local. 

The largest storage companies out there might be the first to come to mind, being usually the best known and best promoted, but often as such they too manage a huge level of customers. The more customers and the more facilities a company own and operate, the less personal their service. Whilst this does not necessarily translate to mean that a company offers a bad service, the assurance, peace of mind and care a local company can provide can go a long way to reassure you that you belongings are in safe hands.

Types of Storage

There are numerous types of storage options available. Consequently, our own website here at The Storage Works also features a handy ‘Storage Size Guide’ to help those moving their belongings into storage work out exactly what size and sort of storage would be best for them financially and their belongings. 

The Size Guide does not just provide advice and guidance as the size storage facility or space a person might require for their belongings; because we are experts with years of experience when it comes to removals and storage, our guide also features estimates as to  how many boxes each of our storage spaces can contain, as well as how many boxes fit in the vans we provide to transport items. 

Packing Tips

Packing, as anyone who has moved home or already had items placed into storage will know, is not just a necessary task, but a fine art. Then, the trick to getting it right when packing involves some level of prior organisation, and a few supplies. At the very least, abiding by the following top tips will save a lot of time, stress and frustration.

  • Prior to packing anything, jot down a list of all your items. As well as serving to remind you of what needs packing, keeping an itinerary of what you have placed in storage makes insuring those items and accounting for them possible and easy.
  • Label every side of every box. This might sound tedious, but labelling every box and every side of every box will prove far less tedious than having to search through every box to find an item you need or want.
  • Pack according to weight, remembering to place lighter boxes on top of heavier ones.
  • Never pack food stuffs, perishables, toxic products or flammables for storage. If you do need to store an item which might fall into any one of these categories, seek the advice of your chosen storage company; they may have policies as to what they will store. Further, items stored alongside potentially hazardous or perishable items might also void or affect any insurance policy you take out or hold concerning your stored items.
  • Lastly, do all that you can to protect any fragile or breakable items by wrapping them in protective pads, bubble wrap and marking boxes as ‘fragile’.

As we prepare to open The Storage Works offering self storage in Blackburn over the coming weeks, we wanted to give you a little insight into the ‘other side’ of self storage, looking specifically at what goes on behind the scenes in order to transform an empty unit into a place where both businesses and individuals can store goods and belongings. It’s a side of the business most of our customers would never even begin to think about, at the end of the day, why would you need to, but something which we wanted to share and give our own input on!

From This…

In just a few short months, we’ve taken an empty unit and transformed it into a dedicated self storage and office unit. Please note, the above images aren’t of our unit (it’s not quite ready) but as soon as we have some, you’ll be the first to see them! The process? From an empty shell, we took the unit and planned the space…what will be office space and what will be storage space. Working alongside professional architects and planners makes this task a little easier, however there’s still plenty of decisions to be made! We’ve since been made aware of this great guide by Acorn Warehouse Solutions titled, “7 Key Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Warehouse Layout” which should be the perfect starting point for anyone considering a task similar to what we’ve undergone! Whilst it’s technically not on the subject of a storage warehouse, many of the principles and considerations are the same and get you thinking along the right lines.

Quite simply; we can’t wait to open our doors to our customers over the coming weeks and both storage units and office space are booking up quickly. Covering Blackburn, Great Harwood and the surrounding areas, we offer a competitively priced, accessible and value-added solution for those needing either domestic or business storage or office units and welcome you to give us a call on 01254 433540 to discuss your needs and requirements with our team and book your unit!

Are you currently running your small business from home? If so, there’s every chance that you’re struggling with both working space and, if you’re a retail business, storage space! If this sounds like you, have you considered moving out of your small bedroom and into a specialist space where you can both work and store your stock?

For many, the one thing stopping them moving from their home to dedicated premises is the cost, however when it comes to shared office space and self storage units, you’ll find it will cost nowhere near as much as you’d expect. In fact, we’re confident that the cost of the space will easily pay for itself each month in the extra productivity you’ll find you have once taken away from the distractions that working from home brings with it.

Here at The Storage Works, we offer storage space and office space in Great Harwood, Blackburn and offer a range of competitively priced options for those looking to make the move from the small bedroom to a dedicated space. Whether you’re simply looking for office space, storage space or require both together, we’re confident that you won’t find a better priced solution in the area and if you have, would love to know about it!

Above all, moving your business out of your home is the best thing which many business owners can do and, here at The Storage Works, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Are you in the process of looking for safe and secure self storage in Blackburn or Great Harwood? If so, look no further than what The Storage Works has to offer. Opening in March 2015, our purpose built self storage warehouse will offer a whole host of storage and office space solutions, regardless of whether you’re looking to rent a unit for a week, a month or on an on-going basis. We strive to offer the most competitive pricing in the area!

If you’re considering booking out one of our self storage units for when we open in June (only a few short weeks away now), why not take a look at our pricing tables below to get an idea as to what it would cost you for the size of unit you’re looking for, however if you’d prefer to speak with one of our team to get their advice on the most suitable unit, why not give us a call on 01254 433540?

Unit Space/SizeMin 1 Week – No DiscountMin 13 Weeks – 5% DiscountMin 26 Weeks – 10% Discount
Cancellation Notice1 Week2 Weeks4 Weeks
16ft² = 1.50m² £8.00 £7.60 £7.20
20ft² = 1.85m² £10.00 £9.50 £9.00
25ft² = 2.30m² £12.00 £11.40 £10.80
35ft² = 3.25m² £15.50 £14.73 £13.95
50ft² = 4.65m² £20.00 £19.00 £18.00
75ft² = 6.95m² £27.00 £25.65 £24.30
100ft² = 9.30m² £33.00 £31.35 £29.70
125ft² = 11.60m² £39.00 £37.05 £35.10
150ft² = 13.95m² £45.00 £42.75 £40.50
200ft² = 18.60m² £57.50 £54.63 £51.75
250ft² = 23.23m² £70.00 £66.50 £63.00
Padlocks £3.50 One-off Charge

If you’re in the process of considering self storage in Blackburn or Great Harwood, you’re most likely trying to work out what size unit you’ll need. Of course, this depends upon what you’re going to be using the unit for, how often you’ll need access to certain items within the unit and how much you can see your needs expanding over the coming months. For those storing domestic goods, needs probably won’t change too much over time, however if you’re storing business goods and stock, there’s every chance that demand can grow quickly and, as such, you find yourself quickly needing a bigger unit. In instances like this, it makes far more sense to opt for a slightly bigger unit from day one!

Our aim is to try and make the job of choosing the ideal sized self storage unit an easy task and, as such, we’ve put together the below size guide which we’re confident will help answer many of the questions you likely have! If you’re still wondering what sized unit to go for, however, why not simply give our team a call who will be only more than happy to help!

Size Of UnitNo of BedroomsHow Many BoxesYour Vehicle
​16 sq ft – 1.50 sq m-64Transit Van
20 sq ft – 1.85 sq m-80Transit Van
25 sq ft – 2.30 sq m-100Transit Van
35 sq ft – 3.25 sq m-140Transit Van
50 sq ft – 4.65 sq m1200LWB Van
75 sq ft – 6.95 sq m1-2300Luton Van
100 sq ft – 9.30 sq m24007.5T Box Van
125 sq ft – 11.60 sq m35007.5T Box Van
150 sq ft – 13.95 sq m36007.5T Box Van
200 sq ft – 18.60 sq m4800Large Removal Lorry