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Use Our Size Guide To Understand Your Storage Requirements

If you’re in the process of considering self storage in Blackburn or Great Harwood, you’re most likely trying to work out what size unit you’ll need. Of course, this depends upon what you’re going to be using the unit for, how often you’ll need access to certain items within the unit and how much you can see your needs expanding over the coming months. For those storing domestic goods, needs probably won’t change too much over time, however if you’re storing business goods and stock, there’s every chance that demand can grow quickly and, as such, you find yourself quickly needing a bigger unit. In instances like this, it makes far more sense to opt for a slightly bigger unit from day one!

Our aim is to try and make the job of choosing the ideal sized self storage unit an easy task and, as such, we’ve put together the below size guide which we’re confident will help answer many of the questions you likely have! If you’re still wondering what sized unit to go for, however, why not simply give our team a call who will be only more than happy to help!

Size Of UnitNo of BedroomsHow Many BoxesYour Vehicle
‚Äč16 sq ft – 1.50 sq m-64Transit Van
20 sq ft – 1.85 sq m-80Transit Van
25 sq ft – 2.30 sq m-100Transit Van
35 sq ft – 3.25 sq m-140Transit Van
50 sq ft – 4.65 sq m1200LWB Van
75 sq ft – 6.95 sq m1-2300Luton Van
100 sq ft – 9.30 sq m24007.5T Box Van
125 sq ft – 11.60 sq m35007.5T Box Van
150 sq ft – 13.95 sq m36007.5T Box Van
200 sq ft – 18.60 sq m4800Large Removal Lorry

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