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Using a Removal Company Should Help Reduce Stress

Anyone who has ever moved house will tell you it’s a stressful experience! Using the services of a professional removal company is a good way of making the process of moving less stressful and risk free. You may find yourself asking what to expect from a removal company, so we have put together a list of things you should expect from them.

Our Tips

  • Good communication – Its not uncommon for a good removals company to ask a lot of questions about the job at hand. This is a good sign that they take their work seriously. In trying to gain as much knowledge of the job as possible they are trying to ensure they can complete the job as efficiently as possible. On top of this they should be easy to contact in return and should be happy to answer any questions you may have for them also.
  • Large objects – All removal companies should be able to move your household items. It is rare there would be anything in a house too heavy for them. Moving larger items however can be a bit more tricky (whether heavy or bulky). Motorbikes shouldn’t be a problem but cars you cannot drive for example may be more difficult. If you have anything you think may be difficult to move, it is worth checking if they have the equipment to be able to move the item for you.
  • Expensive Items – Again, point out to a removal company if anything you own is particularly expensive or fragile. Most removal companies will carry “goods in transit insurance” up a stated amount should anything happen, it is always worth checking they have insurance before instructing them. Some removals companies may also operate a white glove service.
  • Reputation – Reputation and recommendations are very important. You want to feel confident that the removal company will do the job to a high standard. Look at reviews before making a decision. If you are looking for a removal company in Blackburn, we recommend Flexi Removals.
  • Boxes – Most good removal companies will offer boxes as part of their service. They should have different shapes and sizes for you depending on the items you are moving. Boxes are not cheap but make a huge difference to time saved when moving house.
  • Packing service – Some removal companies offer a packing service. They will usually some to your house before the move and pack the items you need to be packed. They should their equipment and it should help ensure any fragile items are packed professionally and not damaged in the move. Most charge for this service.

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

How does square feet relate to how many people can fit inside an office comfortably? The answer is generally around 50sqft per person should provide adequate space. This means, if you have 10 members of staff, you will require around 500sqft. This can vary however, if you are a one man band, then a 50sqft office would be very cramped. Normally the minimum sized room for office rental is 100sqft.

It’s not always that straightforward however as other factors must be taken into consideration.

  • How much equipment or additional furniture excluding desks and PC do you to have to accommodate?
  • Are you going to be taking on more staff soon or potentially dropping your workforce?
  • Is your business a call centre or does it produce other background noise?
  • If you are considering renting an office building and not a serviced office then you will have to take into account extra space for the toilet and kitchen areas.

Additional Equipment

If you have a large photocopier that you need to put in your office or filing cabinets as you need to keep records, then you will generally require more room. Office space is generally more expensive than storage space so if there are items that you are not going to be requiring on a regular basis, then it may be worth storing them. The Storage Works provides self storage units and office space rental in Blackburn which makes it easy if everything is in the same building. If you currently have a lot of IT equipment, security equipment etc, normally this would be included in a serviced office so will help.

Additional Staff In The Near Future?

The beauty of serviced office space is that you only need to pay for what you require. As your business grows, so can the amount of offices you have. Usually you can take these additional offices on quickly providing they are available. In a more traditional office, you would have to relocate as your business expanded. If your business took a turn for the worse, you might be stuck in a long rental agreement that you would struggle to get out of. Serviced offices generally have short notice periods however it is always worth double checking.

Background Noise & Business Structure

If your company has a hierarchical structure and the managers tend to have their own office then you may have to rent multiple service offices to accommodate. Renting multiple smaller offices would normally cost more than renting one big office. You are more likely to have space wastage too by renting lots of smaller offices. If your business produces a lot of background noise such as a call centre then the amount of people within each office might have to be reduced slightly.

For Office Rental In Blackburn, please contact us.

SJR Architecture in Preston is an architectural practice serving clients in the surrounding area. They have carried out work for ‘The Storage Works’ in the past and currently rent an office on an ad hoc basis for client meetings.
SJR Architecture can provide AutoCAD drawings for designing a floor layout, a good example is the office space to rent at The Storage Works. Measuring up and making sure everything complies with building control is part of the process. As well as this they provide advice on interior design, how to make a space flow, look aesthetically pleasing whilst ensuring it is still functional.
For residential properties, they provide advice on permitted development (where planning is not needed) and planning applications. Architectural drawings will be created and if planning is needed, will be submitted to the local planning authority. SJR Architecture will take on a range of projects whether it be a small single storey extension to the rear of your property to a designing a new build. If budget is an issue they will help and guide where costs can be reduced whilst still maintain that quality feeling in the design and final outcome.

Visit their website at;

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We all know how expensive renting and setting up leases for new premises can be. The Storage Works has built an all-inclusive facility which allows companies/businesses to work under the same roof in separate professional looking offices. This allows businesses focus on what they are good at and can be rest assured as they know exactly how much their space will cost each month. Often costs accosiated with renting/leasing a building are overlooked such as buildings insurance, water rates, service charges, business rates, internet etc, in The Storage Works everything is included free of charge. Instead, we provide offices starting from £40 per week (2 person), all offices have access to toilets and a communal kitchen. The offices to rent in blackburn at The Storage Works are located close to Junction 7 of the M65 and are perfect for if you are located in the following areas; Great Harwood, Accrington, Rishton & Whalley. So you have no excuses to start saving money, throughout April & May 2016 we are doing an introductory offer whereby we will move you into our offices free of charge if your business is currently located somewhere else. We’ve teamed up with removal companies in the area to facilitate this.