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How Much Office Space Do I Need?

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

How does square feet relate to how many people can fit inside an office comfortably? The answer is generally around 50sqft per person should provide adequate space. This means, if you have 10 members of staff, you will require around 500sqft. This can vary however, if you are a one man band, then a 50sqft office would be very cramped. Normally the minimum sized room for office rental is 100sqft.

It’s not always that straightforward however as other factors must be taken into consideration.

  • How much equipment or additional furniture excluding desks and PC do you to have to accommodate?
  • Are you going to be taking on more staff soon or potentially dropping your workforce?
  • Is your business a call centre or does it produce other background noise?
  • If you are considering renting an office building and not a serviced office then you will have to take into account extra space for the toilet and kitchen areas.

Additional Equipment

If you have a large photocopier that you need to put in your office or filing cabinets as you need to keep records, then you will generally require more room. Office space is generally more expensive than storage space so if there are items that you are not going to be requiring on a regular basis, then it may be worth storing them. The Storage Works provides self storage units and office space rental in Blackburn which makes it easy if everything is in the same building. If you currently have a lot of IT equipment, security equipment etc, normally this would be included in a serviced office so will help.

Additional Staff In The Near Future?

The beauty of serviced office space is that you only need to pay for what you require. As your business grows, so can the amount of offices you have. Usually you can take these additional offices on quickly providing they are available. In a more traditional office, you would have to relocate as your business expanded. If your business took a turn for the worse, you might be stuck in a long rental agreement that you would struggle to get out of. Serviced offices generally have short notice periods however it is always worth double checking.

Background Noise & Business Structure

If your company has a hierarchical structure and the managers tend to have their own office then you may have to rent multiple service offices to accommodate. Renting multiple smaller offices would normally cost more than renting one big office. You are more likely to have space wastage too by renting lots of smaller offices. If your business produces a lot of background noise such as a call centre then the amount of people within each office might have to be reduced slightly.

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