Tel: 01254 433540 | The Storage Works, Heys Lane, Great Harwood, Blackburn, BB6 7UA

Important Notice

IMPORTANT*Please read for your own safety whilst using ‘The Storage Works Facility’


Each customer must enter their 4 digit code on one of the personnel door keypads when entering the building (even if the personnel door or the roller door is open). There is 2 personnel doors, one is for office customers on the front of the building, the other is for storage customers on the left side of the building, your code will only work on one of these doors. It is important you enter your code as we need to have a record of who is in the building at any time in case of fire and to prevent crime. If you see somebody walk in without entering a code please call us on 01254 433540 as they may not be a legitimate customer. If you are asked to open the personnel door by somebody else, do not do this, anyone who has forgotten their pin must contact us on 01254 433540. Always make sure that whichever grey personnel door you have used is shut properly behind you when exiting. You should try the door after you have exited to make absolutely sure it is locked.

Please let us know if you would like to use your 4 digit code to alarm your self storage unit using the keypad at the side of your unit door, please be aware this alarm is monitored and does have police response. If you cause a false alarm, call 01254 433540 (24 hours a day) to let us know as soon as possible. There is a non-refundable £15 charge for every false alarm on the building (due to charges from our monitoring company). You must not enter any other storage units within our facility apart from the one you are paying for as this will cause an alarm.

Fire & Safety

There are 2 fire escapes which are the personnel doors on the ground floor. Customers on the 1st or 2nd floors access the fire escapes using the staircases, one at the front of the building and one at the side. Please keep all corridors and fire exits clear at all times.

There are very few cables in our facility on show, however, if you do happen to notice a cable within the unit you have rented from us, please do not lean anything against it or hang anything from it. If you notice a spillage on the floor or anything else within our facility which appears unsafe, please notify us immediately on 01254 433540. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the boundaries of ‘The Storage Works’.

Roller Door & Gate

On the right of the roller door there is a control box with buttons on it. There is an up arrow, a down arrow and a red stop button located between them. To open the roller door, simply press the up arrow, however, if the door does not start to go up, you may need to rotate the red stop button clockwise to release it. Press the up arrow again and the door will start. You can take your finger off the button and the door will continue. Do not let it go right to the top, stop it by pressing the red stop button when it is just above your car/van’s height.

Do not reverse your vehicle into the loading bay. To close the roller door, please ensure you rotate the red stop button clockwise and then press and hold the down arrow. Always exit using the personnel door.

If you are using the main roller door, please unload all your goods into the loading bay area at the front of the facility (ensuring corridors are not blocked) and then close the door so it is open for the minimum time possible.

To use the gate on entry or exit, simply enter your 4 digit code on the keypads. The gate will close automatically after it has opened, you do not need to enter your code again.

Trolleys for moving goods are usually located by the stairs. If you require boxes, please ask as we give them away free of charge.