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FAQs – For Office & Storage Space

How Do I Start Storing Or Renting An Office With You?
We require 2 forms of ID to be brought along (one being photo ID such as a drivers license or passport). A contract/license will need to be filled in which takes about 10 minutes and we will add you to our security systems and give you access codes. We take a deposit which is; 4 weeks rental for self storage and 2 months rental for office space.
How secure are my items?
Our facility is located within a compound and features an automatic electric gate which can be opened with your own unique code. The code also gives you access to the areas of the facility you can use. Padlocks are used to secure the storage units, you can either bring your own or purchase one off us. Our facility is alarmed and has many cameras which are monitored to prevent crime. All units are individually alarmed too.
Can I insure my items?
If you have a current insurance policy, for home or business we recommend checking it as it may cover you whilst your goods are in storage too. If you don't have insurance, we recommend the following third party company;
How Long Can I Stay? Notice Period?
Your notice period will vary from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on your contract with us. Please check the pricing tables within our pricing categories (at the top of the page) to see the notice periods. You can stay with us for as long as you like, your contract will be 'rolling' until you decide to move out.
What cannot be left in our facility?
As stated in our contract/license, the following things cannot be stored or left in our offices;
Hazardous materials – flammable liquids/chemicals and explosives
Illegal goods, e.g. drugs
Firearms and ammunition
Living things
Food (Inc Pet Food / Fish Bait)
How Is Payment Made?
Normally a standing order is set up by you to leave your bank either weekly or monthly. We also accept cash.
Storage - How Much Space Do I Need?
Use our ‘size guide’ to help determine what size unit you will require. Alternatively, call us and we would be happy to help.
Storage - How Do You Store Effectively & Effciently?
1) Collect plenty of boxes and bubble wrap off us. Use marker pens to identify your boxes and keep anything you frequently use near to the front of the unit.

2) Flat pack furniture if you can, if you can't store smaller items inside the furniture to get maximum value for money. When stacking up boxes, make sure the heaviest/biggest are at the bottom.

3) Bring a torch with you if you ever need to find anything as the light will not carry when the unit is full. If your goods are worth storing, then they are worth protecting, we therefore recommend using furniture/sofa covers.
Storage - How Easy Is It To Move Things Into My Unit?
Our facility has pallet trucks, sack trucks & trolleys to make loading/unloading goods very easy. We have a large roller door and tall ceilings to make maneuvering larger items possible. Remember, we give away free boxes and packaging materials. If you have a lot of goods/furniture to move in one go, van hire for a day or half a day is usually the cheapest option. If you would prefer a reputable removal company, we recommend Flexi Removals in Blackburn. They have a depot locally and are very competitive on price.
Indoor Storage Or Container Storage?
We offer both types of storage. Containers are based outside and can be driven up to, container storage is very good if you have messy/heavy goods that require storing and you won't be spending a long time organising your goods etc. They also have their downsides in our experience too, the ventilation (even on ventilated containers) sometimes isn't enough to prevent mould on some furniture. In winter, when it gets very cold and there is a dramatic change in temperature, the warmer moist air inside the container can condensate on the ceiling and then drip, which isn't ideal depending on what you are storing. In summer, they can get very warm internally which isn't good for glue in furniture. Indoor storage units have a gap or mesh wiring above every unit to allow them to breathe easily so the air moisture remains stable with the building therefore the odds of something becoming mouldy is very low. They are also shielded from the elements entirely and they are more secure. They are also more comfortable to use as they are based inside and provide a better level of personal security too.